Friday, April 29, 2011

Direct Drive Access

This is a little program I wrote in C# that allows you to perform direct access (read/write) to a drive connected to your computer (HDD/USB stick/Memory card).
The program, in it's state, is not very useful but the class that allows you the drive access can be used in other programs.

Let's say that we have to make an embedded data logger that saves all the data to the SD card. A file system for this simple application could mean an unjustified overhead. So we save raw data directly to the SD card. But we want to later access the data from a PC (that has an SD card reader). Well, windows won't be able do no nothing with the data because it doesn't know how to interpret it, so we have to built a program that performs raw reads (maybe writes) to the disk. Here comes handy the class I was talking about.

In the archive there is a little sample application (executable in bin\Release) and the source code.

Leave a comment below for any question.


  1. The file is not longer available :'(

    I was really looking forward to try it out.

    1. The link seems to be fine. Let me know if you're still having problems downloading the file.

  2. Hi, thanks for sharing.
    Your program help me a lot !
    Read and write functions work fine.

  3. Thanks for sharing, your program helps me a lot.
    It works fine Read/Write.