Thursday, July 21, 2011

Music Player (MyMP3 v5.0) - Videos - Final word

After finishing the hardware part and some part of the software, I decided that I don't like how the project turned up (it was to bulky) so I decided to go in a different direction. I gave up the modularity of the project and the LCD screen and I added support for 2.5" ATA hard drives and a bluetooth module. Also it now has an USB connector and the player appears as a mass storage device (only the internal HDD, not the card). The player will not have any buttons, nor display, instead it will be controlled over bluetooth by an android terminal and all the UI will be on the terminal. Also it will have a serial port connector in the back (disguised in a mini USB connector) that will allow it to connect to a preamplifier (not made yet) that will have an OLED display (for spectrum analyzer) and a rotary encoder. The new version has a total size of a standard 2.5" HDD. All the documentation for the new project will be available on my blog after the project is finished.

I will post soon details on the new approach and some images. Until then, some videos on version 5.0 and 5.1.

 (main menu demo - v5.0)

(play demo - v5.1)


  1. Hey any chance you will make the source code available any time sooner than when you are completely finished. I'm interested in working on a project using both the same XMEGA and the same decoder (vs1053). Thanks!!!

  2. I can help you with some parts but until the player is not finished, I won't post the complete source code.
    Thanks for your interest in the project!

  3. You are doing a nice thing :)
    Also, great music there.

  4. Very good congratulations.
    You can share the project?

  5. I'm having difficulties with fat32 can help me.

  6. friend,
    You can share please V5.1
    I need help.