Monday, September 5, 2011

C# Serial Port Terminal

This is a simple serial port terminal I wrote in C#. It uses .NET v 4.0.
It is very useful when working with embedded projects (or any other project that uses serial port communication). It supports tabs for different opened serial ports at the same time

Hope you enjoy it!

For any suggestions, comment below.

Also added the source code (for educational purposes only!):
Download src (zip archive)

Please notify me if any bugs are discovered.


  1. Would you mind making your code for this project open source?

  2. this is a neat little tool. do you think you could post the source, I need to do something similar to this, but need to make some changes, this would be a great foundation to build on.

  3. A step by step will be awesome!

  4. It's great. Thank you very muck. It help me alot

  5. Hi. Congratulations for the great coding.
    I like the way you organized the application, the tabs and the threads.
    well done.
    May I use your application as a base to create my own protocol test?

    1. Thanks. It's been a lot of time since I wrote this program. A lot of things could've been done way better.
      Sure, use it any way you want.

  6. I dunno why I cannot open the source with Visual Studio 2010! :(