Thursday, September 8, 2011

Music Player (MyMP3 v6.1) - Introduction

As I previously said, I decided to give up the LCD screen with the touchscreen and move the control part to a mobile device (Android phone in this case), also adding a Bluetooth SPP module and a 2.5" IDE HDD as a storage unit.

I finished all the drivers and the integration of the TCP/IP stack (using the stack found here). Some problems need to be resolved with DHCP and DNS but until now it's all working fine. On the first try, I was using uIP stack but wasn't fast enough. 

All the audio data is streamed to the audio decoder (VS1053) with the help of the DMAC (integrated in xmega192A3).

Also, will add a 32Kx8 SRAM chip that will keep one playlist (about 8100 entries in the playlist) on the device, so that it can work without a Bluetooth connection.

I'm now working on the Android application. I'll post some videos when I have a functional prototype. Until then, here are some pictures with the new Music Player.

For any suggestions or questions, use the comment area below.

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